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Benjamin Fulford – fraud, legit, or controlled?

Well, I don’t think he’s a fraud. I.e. consciously. But yet he may be controlled… although that does beg the question ‘by whom exactly’?


I would hope so, although as you’ll see below there’s a big web of doubt.

Then there’s this piece by Conscious Media Network (a new age spiritualist media site) on ‘a new global currency‘, which is a remarkable story, much aligned with Ben Fulford’s messages, yet seems riddled with problems.

First, the purported ‘statement’ seems to herald Barrack Obama’s statement of Laissez-Faire having been attempted and failed. This is a fraudulent or ignorant statement.

And a subsequent post on the CMN is a repost of a blog titled ‘the debts will not be repaid‘ supposedly by Bill Saron whose site claims his experience includes:

At JP Morgan as the COO of Corporate Real Estate, he was a key player in the transformation from a commercial bank to an investment bank through the development and construction of high tech offices in 23 markets that reflected the new organizational culture.

With his latest blog post backing the theme that ‘money is an abstract concept, doesn’t exist, and isn’t needed or wanted’.

I guess he doesn’t work for JP Morgan et al anymore…

But could there be a deeper conspiracy beneath the more recent groups claiming that money itself is the problem? (Just as the Zeitgeist Movement has attempted to do).

Even new age spiritualist David Wilcock is covering the incredible Benjamin Fulford story, which in essence is that a very large lawsuit has been filed against the United Nations, Italian Government, Federal Reserve and others, for involvement in the theft of 130 billion dollars worth of bonds that was seized at the borders of Italy and Switzerland in 2009 (if I recall) being carried by 2 Japanese guys.

(Side note: Apparently, Wall Street is turning against their own, suiting eachother for 100’s of billions.)

Wilcock has posted this video claiming the secret groups have told to him the essence of the current fiat monetary system is a little known document by Adam Smith (author of Wealth of Nations) that claims gold ownership would lead to economic collapse.


Here’s a great debunk piece about the Fulford, Wilcock, CMN, Lawsuit fiasco… starting with yet more critical thinking and those damn old taoists and then breakdown – the ‘played’ is the thing.

Yet all this seems to be connected with a lot of group activity towards alternate currencies, economic systems, co-operatives, etc. See here for a good introduction, including links to Teaching Giving Learning and Lets Link UK.

Both of which remind me of the work of J Orlinn Grabbe who wrote extensively on digital currencies.

Gold is definitely of importance. See Libya Invasion To Stop Gaddafi Plan for Gold Dinar.

And the US Dollar is being dropped by Governments around the world.

Dec. 26 – “Japan and China will promote direct trading of yen and yuan without using dollars”

Jan 7 – “Iran, Russia Replace Dollar with National Currencies in Trade Exchanges”

What is the point here?

Well, I don’t think any of us can know whether world government officials are now conspiring against the Federal Reserve, although it would make sense. We can’t know if these so called messengers are giving us legit communications from significant group figures or not, but we may find out in the coming months.

I think it’s quite possible that a little bit of Illuminati influence and disinformation sparks the mass hysteria of the new age spiritualist freedom and truth movements.

It may also be true that the white hats (good guys) of the NWO/Illuminati top-tier are shifting towards Golden Helmet revenue systems as alluded to by Frank R Wallace in the late 90s.

Bottom line. I just don’t have a solid opinion. Which makes me freer to explore, consider and filter information than the apparent masses of bloggers that seem to jump prematurely onto philosophically unprincipled ungrounded wishful thinking.

Trust no one. question authority.

Learn about the Prime Law, individual rights vs collectivist group think, the simple nature of money as being ‘to exchange value by mutual consent’, the principle of No Force, Except in Self-Defence, the point that so called Capitalism has really been Corporatism basked by fraud and government force.

Help to eliminate the use of force and fraud and we’ll all have the golden world we hope for.

This may well be the Illuminati agenda anyway.

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