Zacharia Sitchin – lying son of a bitch (Nibiru, Planet X and Sumerian Text)

Cliff High from Half Past Human in a recent Wujo audio (mp3) starting about minute 19, calls out Zacharia Sitchin’s Nibiru / Planet X theory… as follows:

The oriental institute .org have a program they call CAD: a word by word translation of all of the sumerian text. (Oriental Institute CAD Program)…

It’s very easy to go through and research these ancient documents and see things in a much more factual light… the whole deal of Planet X and this kind of thing.

It turns out this guy Sitchin was working someone’s agenda or was a huge ego maniac. Regardless of what his motivation was he was a lying son of a bitch.

If you go and look, you’ll find all of the Sumerian texts (10s of thousands), including the one’s Sitchin claims to have translated, which I beg to differ, he did not.

You can hunt for Nibiru. You’ll find that remarkably, Sitchin was a lying son of a bitch.

No connection between Nibiru on any tablet and have that tablet in any way shape or form, reference the Anunnaki.

So that connection is bogus, it only existed in Sitchen’s head.

There’s no connection between Nibiru and mineral gold. None.

Out of all of these 10s of thousands of tablets, Nibiru is mentioned 20 times. 17 of which are related to Jupiter in an astrological sense, rather than astronomic sense.

Sitchin was just so full of shit it’s a wonder that flies didn’t land on him constantly.

His stuff was taken as the absolute authority because he so proclaimed himself the authority, being a 33 degree mason, then he never gave any references to any specific passages. They were always vague and misleading.

That really puts a big dent in the whole Planet X thing too. It really makes it very bogus.

There is no long term orbit issue. There is no 3600 year orbit for Nibiru. The whole thing is entirely in Sitchin’s pointy little head.

I think he was working someone’s agenda. He was told precisely what to say and how to say it in order to create the exact effect that he did.

Nancy Lederhosen of is just a whacked out crazy. She is either extremely mentally ill or she’s a collaborator (with evil space aliens if they exist) or she’s delusional.. She’s in telepathic enslavement to this group she calls the grey aliens.

NASA really used to be a really cool place, but now is filled with lying sons of bitches — just like Sitchin.


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